My name is Paige and around the internet I’m known as Paigeotto (Paigeot on Twitch). I am a wife, a step-mother, a psychology major, a gamer, an amateur Sims architect, a video game survivalist, a Twitch streamer, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a feminist… You know, just to name a few things that are a part of who I am.

For most of my 29 years on this Earth, I have been a gamer. This fact is an extremely large part of who I am, so why not share my passion with the world? I chose to share my video game experiences and impressions with everyone. Enjoy my blog, leave a comment, some feedback, your opinion or whatever you want. Let’s have a great discussion and share our mutual love of gaming.

When I have the time, you can find me streaming on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/paigeot