The Sims 4: Get Famous Review

The Sims 4: Get Famous is the most recent Sims expansion pack and it begins in Del Sol Valley, which is based on Los Angeles and Hollywood Hills. Del Sol Valley is jam-packed with fans, famous Sims and infamous Sims. This expansion pack adds a significant amount of gameplay, which I think The Sims 4 desperately needed (don’t hate).

Overview of The Sims 4's Del Sol Valley

Del Sol Valley, The Sims 4 — EA/Maxis

Above is the overview of Del Sol Valley. You are given three areas: Mirage Park, which is close to downtown and contains reasonably priced homes; Starlight Boulevard, a place where celebrities go to spend an evening in an exclusive club and a place where fans go to find them; The Pinnacles, the Hollywood Hills of The Sims 4, only the most famous celebrities get to live in these amazing mansions.

With how big the expansion pack Get Famous is, it is a little upsetting how small Del Sol Valley is. You are only given five homes between The Pinnacles and Mirage Park, two venues, a gym, a museum, a park and only one empty lot in Mirage Park. Maybe this wouldn’t feel so bad if I couldn’t equate living in Mirage Park with living outside of Oakland, CA. The map makes no sense to me, you go from “affordable housing” to “completely-unaffordable-for-the-average-sim”– Where’s the in-between? Where are the “moderately priced” homes for the B-List actors and actresses? They don’t exist.

Overlook of The Pinnacles in The Sims 4

The Pinnacles Overlook, The Sims 4– EA/Maxis

Despite Del Sol Valley’s shortcomings, the environment is definitely beautiful. The amount of detail that The Sims 4 team put into it is amazing. You can even hear planes flying across the sky and cars going by on the freeway. Even the palm trees have twinkle lights! Talk about extra.

The Sims 4: Get Famous adds a ton of new features to the game, but I am a little disappointed with the Create-A-Sim additions. There are hardly any new hairstyles (which sucks), I don’t know how there isn’t any new makeup and barely any jewelry. This expansion boasts opulence and the only additions to it within the CAS system are costumes that you can be styled with while on set, aside from some lackluster clothing that looks like something a blogger would wear.

There are two new aspirations that compliment the new additions to the game: World-Famous Celebrity and Master and a new trait, Self-Absorbed. There are a few new lot traits, Celebrity Home, Up-and-Coming Hotspot and Hottest Spot In Town. I gave my Sims home the Celebrity Home lot trait, but as a B-Lister she isn’t famous enough yet to benefit from it so she receives the “Poser” moodlet and becomes extremely embarrassed. Also in the pack are a bunch of incredibly luxurious items to decorate your Sims home as well as some not-so-luxurious, but still very cool, items. The more, down to Earth items seem to be inspired by the ’70s, which I love and they go really well together with the Bowling Night Stuff pack.

One of the most fun things about Get Famous is the new Acting career. One thing I’ve found during my playthrough is that becoming famous is a full-time job. It takes very long to achieve fame– I am still only a B-Lister after like 15 hours. I actually had to change my lifespan from “Normal” to “Long” because I am pretty sure my Sim would have died long before reaching the tippy-top of the fame food chain.

The Sims 4 Get Famous Acting Career

The Sims 4: Get Famous Acting Career– EA/Maxis

Like the careers in Get To Work, you have the option of accompanying your Sim to the set. This is where you get your hair and makeup done, get placed into costume, schmooze with the Director, Producer and your Co-Stars. Performing scenes is relatively easy, as long as you study your role beforehand. Completing your tasks before you get to set allows you to perform “Risky Scenes” which earn more fame points than “Safe Scenes”. I’ve found that my Sim does much better on set when I accompany my Sim rather than letting her go alone. Hey, at least it’s fun!

Fame Info screen in The Sims 4 Get Famous

The Sims 4: Get Famous, Fame Info– EA/Maxis

Earning fame increases your celebrity rank and there are five ranks: 1 star: Notable Newcomer; 2 stars: Rising Star; 3 stars: B-Lister; 4 stars: Proper Celebrity; 5 stars: Global Superstar. By acquiring stars you will be given fame points which can be used to select fame perks. Fame perks make it a little bit easier to earn money and fame. Now there is a downside, fame perks also come with quirks. As you progress through the ranks you will unlock new quirks that your Sim will randomly gain through normal gameplay. They are annoying, charming and can give you a negative or positive moodlet.

As your Sim rises to stardom, you have a choice of what kind of star you want your Sim to be. Your Sim can be evil and infamous or Del Sol’s Sweetheart– it is completely up to you. Your reputation starts at neutral and it is most beneficial to start moving your Sim in either direction as you gain more fame for being more good or evil. I really like that they added reputation to the game, it makes The Sims even more diverse, which I didn’t think was possible.

The Sims 4 Get Famous Video Station

The Sims 4: Get Famous Video Station– EA/Maxis

In addition to the new Acting skill, there is another new skill– Video Production. This is a really fun one and allows you to basically be a YouTuber. Your Sim learns how to record videos, edit them, add transitions, special effects, and music, it’s awesome. At the Video Station, you can research trending topics, upgrade your equipment, host a 24-hour charity live stream as well as edit your videos. Uploading the videos your Sim creates earns you daily royalties; and fame.

This expansion pack may be a little overwhelming for some. It requires a lot of micromanagement, you can become famous for literally anything which can get annoying, but the developers thought ahead and added the ability to turn fame gain off for Sims for a more relaxed Simming experience.

Overall, I have really been enjoying this expansion pack and think it’s a wonderful addition to the franchise. This is definitely a must-have for hardcore Simmers.

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